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Learn How to Use Alcohol Ink on Common Freezer Paper


The results can be astonishing, fabulous, and fun! Use your creations for cards, framed art, collage, whatever your imagination tells you!

Creating Mixed Media in an Altered Book Journal

Use some pretty paper napkins and collage papers to create this mixed media project in an altered book or art journal.

Portrait in Watercolor and Graphite

I participated in Sketchbook Revival 2019. Toni Burt (I love her art!) Taught this lesson and I created this portrait following her teaching. All the credit to Toni for this technique.

A Mixed Media Collage on Cardboard

You can use every day household items, like cardboard from a shipping box, to create wonderful mixed media collage art. For this one, I used lots of old papers, some cheesecloth, and a cardboard box - it’s one of my favorites!

Building a Series of Collages on Old Book Covers

This is the last part of a series of videos I did, showing how to source book parts, select collage materials, and then build a series of three collages on the old book covers.

Process Video - Painting with Cold Wax and Oil Paints

This is a new medium for me and I am in love! It is so forgiving and so much fun to work with. I have stuck to abstracts so far, but I look forward to branching out into more realism when I get the hang of it better.

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A Few of My Most Popular You Tube Videos Technique & Process Videos