Sally Van Nuys - Artist Studio

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A Little About Me

I have always loved to create! I’ve painted in acrylics for over 40 years and I still love that medium. But, over the last few years, I fell in love with mixed media.

After running a successful fiber art business since 2001, I closed those doors to pursue painting, drawing, and mixed media art more fully.

Art is a true passion for me - I can live in the solitude of creating in the studio all alone with my music, but yet I can be filming a video at the same time that I get to share and discuss with all of you. Sharing is the best part of creating!

It can get scary and intimidating at times to put your art out into the world, but if you push passed that, you eventually find your tribe. Those are the people who appreciate and like your work (not everyone has the same taste.) Those are the other creators who want to learn from you, share with you, and lift you up. Those are the people you learn from and seek out.

In art, there is always something new to learn, new techniques and materials to try, and new people to add to your tribe. It can be exciting every day.Mixed media art journal spread "Find Your Tribe - original art by Sally Van Nuys

I would love to share it all with you, and to learn what lights your fire when you create or when you see a piece of art that you love.