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It’s a great time to be an artist who loves to learn or someone who just wants to get into art as a new creative hobby. Why? Because there are so many online classes from which to choose! I have taken lots and lots of online art classes over the years and some really stand out as favorites. Since there are so many out there, I thought some recommendations might help you if you are struggling to decide which class is right for you. Each of us differs in the styles and mediums we love to use or learn, so keep in mind these are mine. If one of these classes isn’t right for you, maybe the platform or web site offers something that is right up your alley. And many of them offer some free lessons, too.

Some of My Favorite Online Art Classes Artist Resources

Let’s Face It

(annual, year-long series of lessons)

Marina van Teding-Berkhout

Cold Wax and Oils Figures

Ivy Newport Classses

Emma Pettit

The Raw of Silence

Jeanne Oliver Classes

Kara Bullock Art Classes

Pam Carriker

The Working Art Journal

Come Clay with Me

Jeanne Marie Webb Art

FREE Lesson with Kara

Sktchy Art School

All Classes

If you can’t find something here (very affordable) – I can’t help!