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I don’t know about you, but I am tempted almost daily by new, innovative, fun-looking art supplies and products! But, there are some really great free resources that can help save us some pennies and are wonderful additions to our art stash. Check this page periodically because I will add resources here as I find them for you.

Some of the following resources are links to other web sites. I include them here for your convenience. Always research safely online and do not provide your personal information to any site you feel you don’t know or trust. If in doubt, use a third-party log-in service, like Google or one provided by your security software (Norton, etc.)

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Here are a couple digital download packs that I put together of original, mixed media backgrounds and art journal pages. These are photos taken while I worked on projects in the studio. These are free downloads! Just click the image, download and save, then print!

I would love to see what you do with them! Tag me on Instagram or YouTube!

I often go to these web sites to find images I can use (copyright-free) in my projects. If the file asks you to give credit to the artist or web site, please do so!

Download your chosen files, save to your computer, and print. Pay attention to your printer settings to ensure you get the best printout. I like to print on ProMaster 100% cotton, 140 lb watercolor paper (it works in my Epson Eco Tank just fine - one sheet at a time.) To prevent the ink from bleeding when using inkjet printouts for wet media work, I use Spectrafix spray - it works beautifully!

** both of the products linked above are in my Amazon affiliate list. I receive a small compensation if you order through my links, but it costs no more for you!


Copyright-free illustrations, photos, vectors, and video clips

Beautiful, copyright-free photographic images

They curate images from other free sites, and have fresh images, as well. This site has  a clean interface, doesn’t require registration, and features terrific images and videos.

Looking for unusual, quirky or experimental images? Check out the images here!

New York Public Library Digital Gallery

An unbelievable collection of books, videos, maps, manuscripts, illustrations, photos, and more. Filter (top left corner) for ‘Public Domain’ and you won’t have to worry about copyright issues.

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